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Magic Life Network Business

Network business opportunities that can be followed by anyone & anywhere. We recommend that you get as much information about this business opportunity as possible. You can ask more CS to us to try the product, or become an agent, or find out the business opportunity in your country


90% orang yang menonton video ini
bergabung dengan MagicLife

Magic Life is a company that has the magical ability to completely change lives, creating miracles in a sustainable way.

Magic Life is an attitude to life, moreover it is a way of life. Magic Life is a group of people who are pursuing a beautiful life, living life to the fullest, realizing the values of life, creating endless greatness.


Friends of Magic, when the pandemic occurred, it turned out that there was a business that continued to survive and even grew and developed, namely a business that relies on DIGITAL MARKETING. One of them is the Magic Life business that we offer.

What is PT Magic Life​​​

Magic Life is a Cross Country E-Commerce Business headquartered in Singapore, committed to driving business worldwide.

Magic Life Pte Ltd. / Singapore Global Direct Purchase Cross-border E-commerce is a cross-border e-commerce company engaged in direct global purchasing, using Fission’s own O2O marketing model, establishing distribution channels that cover all networks, becoming the platform of first choice for hundreds of millions of users and entrepreneurs.


Magic Life was founded in 2014 in Singapore, spread to several Asian countries,

From Asia to all over the world, Magiclife has 4 branch offices in Asia. And has spread in 28 countries.

2014 established in Singapore
2015 opened a branch office in Malaysia
2016 opened a branch office in Taiwan
In 2017 opened a branch office in Hong Kong
In 2019 entered Indonesia and 2020 opened a branch office in Indonesia

One of the reasons we choose the Network Marketing business vehicle is a company that has complete legality, is registered with direct selling associations, and has many world-class awards.

Why You Should Join

6 Main Pillars that must be considered if we want long-term success in the Network Marketing business. Have 5 BACKOFFICE and spread in 20 COUNTRIES.


Magic Life Pte Ltd. / Singapore Global Direct Purchase Cross-border E-commerce is a CROSS-COUNTRY E-COMMERCE COMPANY engaged in DIRECT GLOBAL PURCHASE, USING O2O FISSION MODEL.

Product Quality

Quality natural products, beneficial for beauty and health, the benefits can be felt within 5 to 10 minutes. You can access testimonials on youtube or social media of real witnesses who use MagicLife products.

Marketing Plan

The company provides a big bonus for network builders, there are interesting bonuses that are distributed. And bonus payments are very fast (Daily Bonus) so this bonus system is more sought after by Network businessmen.​

Affordable Capital

To join as a member in this business, just by buying 1 box of product, you can become a MagicLife member with a global business.

Support System

Powerful Support System that helps you run your Magic Life Business Offline and Online and has been proven to have scored billionaires in the world

Drop Shipping

The product delivery system is automatically sent to the registration address. The company uses a drop shipping system.

Magic Life Products

Magic Life products have the highest purity quality for similar products, so this Magic Life product has the property to provide health for those of you who consume and provide opportunities for successful sales because of consumer satisfaction.

personal disenfectant

Get special prices by becoming a MagicLife member

Marketing Plan From Magic Life​

Marketing Plan from Magic Life that provides a faster chance of success than other companies, Bonuses that are paid daily and are large, only sponsoring 2 people, you are almost back on investment, supported by products that speak in the field.

Bonus sponsor adalah bonus yang di dapat dari kegiatan aktif Anda mensponsori Member Baru. Di Magiclife Anda wajib mensponsori 1 orang di kanan dan 1 orang di kiri ( 2 Orang ) agar Anda bisa menerima bonus Pasangan dan Bonus Level. Anda tidak di batasi berapapun yang bisa Anda sponsori, akan di letakan ( placement ) di jaringan Binary Anda ( Akan terjadi saling membantu / kerja TEAM ) atau yang biasa disebut SPILLOVER.

Bonus ini didapatkan ketika terjadi Pasangan kanan kiri. Meskipun Titik diberikan dari atas (spill over). Besar Bonus Pasangan Level 42% untuk level pertama dan 28% untuk level kedua dan seterusnya. Jadi, Posisikan anda Sebagai MEMBER MOBILE untuk mendapatkan penghasilan Bonus Level! Dan ini akan diduplikasi oleh Team Dibawah anda.

Bonus ini didapatkan ketika terjadi omzet group KAKI KECIL.

Besar Bonus Pasangan Group ini sebesar 20% untuk Omzet Group PV kurang dari 1200PV, jika lebih dari 1200PV, maka akan diberikan 10%.

ingatlah! bahwa jika anda masih status MANAGER ATAU VIP, tidak mendapatkan unlimited bonus Pasangan Group ini. Karena batas Penghasilan MANAGER 18Juta/Hari dan VIP 1,8Juta/Hari. So??

Jadi, Posisikan anda Sebagai MEMBER MOBILE untuk mendapatkan penghasilan Bonus Pasangan Group UNLIMITED! Dan ini akan diduplikasi oleh Team Dibawah anda.

Program DUPLIKASI dimana setiap member masing masing mensponsori ” 2 Orang ” Bergabung VIP 50 PV. Rp 1.958.000,- 

Di MINGGU 5 Anda UPGRADE dari VIP ke MANAGER agar Anda bisa memperoleh Rp 2.400.000. Jika Anda tidak upgrade Anda hanya akan mendapatkan Rp 1.500.000 ( Bonus Max VIP )

Di MINGGU 8 Anda UPGRADE dari MANAGER ke MOBILE agar Anda bisa memperoleh bonus Rp 19.200.000. Jika Anda tidak Upgrade Anda hanya akan mendapatkan Rp 15 juta ( Bonus Max Manager ).

Paket Join Magiclife

Paket VIP

Rp 1,794,000

Paket Manager

Rp 8.514.375

Paket Mobile

Rp 28.755.000

Magic Life Product Testimonials

Greetings, I'm Nurdin Zaenudin, living in Indramayu, as the owner of the Khasanah Medika clinic, I also use Magiclife products to help heal patients who seek treatment at my clinic. In my opinion, Magiclife products are not drugs but health foods that can help speed up recovery from illnesses, all of which are caused by cellular disorders or damage. Greetings success for us all.
Owner Klinik Khasanah Medika Indramayu
Greetings, Mr. Robin, I have experience with Zelner Magiclife products that were introduced by Mr. Bambang, where this zelner product can help restore my health, where I previously had a stroke, and of course it really interfered with my activities. Now I am healthy and able to do activities again, of course my Magiclife business is also growing rapidly…Magiclife products are great…
Pak Robin
Kota Bandung
Let me introduce myself, Suhabdi, my background is a Building Implementer, I have joined and have tried Zelner products, this product is very good, I have proven its effectiveness myself, it can help eye vision complaints from my subordinates whose eyes are hit by concrete shards while working. Now I also take Zelner for me and my family.
Kota Tangerang
Hello, greetings to meet me, Mrs. Yuli lives in Bekasi, I have experience with Zelner Magiclife products, where this product has helped provide healing for my husband's stroke. Where by consuming Zelner products and family care, Alhamdulillah, within 2 months and 11 days my husband was able to recover and be able to return to activities, this product is truly magical.
Ibu Yuli
Kota Bekasi